Thursday, 20 March 2014


El Al has recently announced its annual report for 2013. For a lot of my fans who are also interested in EL AL, I thought I'd better update them with what is going on with El Al last year. However, please don't expect me to use 2013 figures in my spreadsheet because there is no way I am going to change what I have done for the assignment. Besides the full report is only available in Hebrew. I had to translate them using the translator. :)
  • The 2013 net profit was $25.4m, compared to a loss of about $18m in 2012, an improvement of about $43.4m
  • The company's revenues in 2013 totaled about $2.10 billion, compared to $2.02 billion in 2012, an increase of 4%
  • Pre-tax profit totaled $37.5 million, compared to pre-tax loss of $23.1 million, an improvement of about $60.6 million
  • Cash flow from regular activities in 2013 totaled about $185.3 million, compared to $78.3 million in 2012, an increase of about 137%
Based on the recent chart of El Al's share price (Bloomberg), the company seems like it being on track in its profitability. Market must have known something before end of year results for months, as shown on the following chart that El Al's share price has gone from $40 per share in September 2013 to almost $70 per share recently, an increase of 60% return. Interesting to see chart can show whether company will have a good year or bad year...Something to think about when I invest in share market, should I follow fundamental reports or should I invest based on technical reports??


  1. Hi Quoc, very interesting post and also persuasive even I want to buy EL AL shares :)
    If we buy shares from when it was $40 then now our money have increase nearly by half. Looking at the graph you provide, it looks like it will increase for a bit more then why not invest now :)

  2. Hi Quoc
    My company is called eServGlobal and their service is mobile financial services. They also saw a substantial profit ($10,374,000) in 2013 as opposed to a loss (15,589,000) in 2012. I'm interested to know if 2013 was the highest profit EL AL AIR has seen, or if there have been larger profits in previous years. Feedback would be appreciated.

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